Buying on OLX or Quikr? Play it Safe!

Everybody buys second hand goods on Olx, Quickr and the likes these days. But does that mean it is a fool-proof process? Not necessarily. What are the things you should pay attention to when you’ve found a product you like? How to transport/ship the item if it is big enough?

Vet the buyer

If you’ve found a product which looks genuine and doesn’t reek of scam, then you should find out more about the seller and the item. Ask as many questions as you can about the item through calls and mails. What are the problems the seller has had with the fridge? What is the model number of the product? Has it been serviced recently? Also do some background research on how to spot a fake. Find out as much as you can about the seller. Look up his contact details on Google and social media platforms. Ensure that his email id matches with the one given on the selling site. Be careful if you are buying from someone with little or no buying/selling history.


Find out if the product you are interested in is being sold within an acceptable price range. More often than not sellers tend to price their goods based on the original prices they paid rather than the current market value of the item. You can cross check the going price of the item on retail websites. What are the price for truck hire available in Bangalore?


Familiarise yourself with the feedback system of the website. This way you will know about the recent transactions made by other buyers on the site. Go through the terms and conditions, especially those related to dispute resolution.


Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the buy and if the item is big enough to be shipped then download the Pikkol app or check out the website We do shipping for small truck hires in Bangalore. Happy shopping!