Azadi from Pack , Unpack & Re - Pack #AzadiKeFayde

Azadi from Pack , Unpack & Re - Pack #AzadiKeFayde

August 11th, 2015

INDI post

Independence_Day_2015_pikkol_packers_and_movers Did you ever imagine relocating to your new home could be as easy as whooping your magic wand and lo! All your stuff effortlessly moved in to your desired location absolutely hassle free and damage free.

Quick, easy, hassle free experience to ensure moving in to your new home is nothing less than a dream when you use Pikkol, a pioneer in packing and moving services, anywhere in Bangalore.

The 3 fastest and simple steps to relocate – Enter your move details online, review the quotes, book us and get ready to move. Moving homes, moving your business, vehicle or be it any article, Pikkol is your one stop solution catering to all your needs. At Pikkol, mobility solutions are redefined.

15 on 15th:

This August 15th, as India celebrates 68 years of independence, Pikkol provides you with 15 tips that will serve as a checklist for easy and smooth relocation. It is time for freedom from the stress and hassle of packing, unpacking and re-packing.

  1. Keep your packing supplies ready before you start which could be items like cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, tapes etc.

  2. Keep your movers informed on type of items that need to be packed in terms of being heavy, light, fragile etc.

  3. Do not leave any detail to last minute. This only causes chaos and confusion. It is good to be plan, prepare and organize at least 30 days in advance.

  4. Use moving out as an opportunity to get rid of all unwanted items. Sell what you do not need and organize the relevant materials. Avoid cluttering your new home with too many items.

  5. Color code each of the boxes and write the contents on the top in bold using a marker, to avoid confusion.

  6. Complete the process step by step. Focus on each room and move to the next only upon completion of one section of the house. Do not forget to instruct your packers to place the boxes in the respective rooms in the new location as well. This saves a lot of time and energy.

  7. Ensure to handle home appliances with care. Use a damp cloth and vinegar to clean the inside of the fridge to prevent bad odor.

  8. Do not place anything breakable in drawers. Place all such items in a separate box and mark as fragile.

  9. Ensure to keep important items used on a daily basis handy in one place for easy access. For ex, medicines, important documents etc.

  10. Ensure not to over pack your boxes. This restricts you from sealing it well and may also end up damaging valuable articles.

  11. Use materials like scarves, handkerchiefs, newspapers and other soft material in between fragile items for additional packing and safety.

  12. Movers need to be briefed on special instructions for relocation of pets.

  13. Keep a copy of an inventory list of all items that have been packed in to the boxes.

  14. It is good to label “load last, unload first” on boxes that need to be unpacked on priority.

  15. Always pack heavy items at the bottom of the box and the lighter ones on the top. Ensure each of the boxes do not weigh more than 22 kgs for easy and safe handling by your movers.

At Pikkol we believe and execute that careful planning and organizing your move will only ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your new home with your family and not spend hours or days looking for items.