7 things to do in Notice Period

7 things to do in Notice Period

September 20th, 2015

1.Yes Boss! You’re the awesome!

Share the resignation letter with your boss first, so that he gets time to process your resignation and also he can plan the next steps, Unknown Object most important to find your replacement.

2.Last working day confirmed? Now, start making plans!

Now what matters is, our behavior. Do not check out from office during office hours. Professional routine to be maintained.

3.Do the need full. Transfer all the knowledge that you gained here.

Finish existing piled up projects. Back logs, hand over everything to your team, sit with them throughout your notice period and explain them about it.

4.Weekly progress reports, share with boss keeping all the stakeholders in loop!

5.See off!

Make a list of people those who really helped you personally or professionally. Spread a see off mail to all of your colleagues from a receptionist to guard.

6.References? Now you need to talk seriously.

Try to get references letter from your seniors, managers or HR folks. Ask your colleagues to personally recommend you on LinkedIn and its time to solve your grudges.

7.OUT? Now it’s the time take off for a week and plan the future.

Have a job offer in hand? Still you can use your spare time to find out something better. Or stick with what you’ve got and go to Himalayas for a trip.

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