5 ways in which a company can welcome a relocated employee and their family.

5 ways in which a company can welcome a relocated employee and their family.

March 14th, 2018

Leaving behind the familiar and moving to an unfamiliar city/town comes with its own set of apprehensions and a tiring time for an Employee and his family but getting a better option elsewhere is too good an opportunity to miss.

An employee friendly Company can create a whole lot of difference to a relocating employee by making this transition easy for them.

A few tips a thoughtful Company/Employer could use to win over the best employees:

  1. Relocation comes with moving of household belongings amongst other things. A tie up with an efficient and cost effective Packer and Mover goes a long way in creating happy employees. When the biggest worry about relocating is taken care of it takes a huge burden off an employee. PIKKOL has some great, tailor-made packages to suit Companies to help relocate their employees.

  2. A company can also appoint someone from their office to welcome and assist an employee and their family with the move once they arrive. While the packers and movers at PIKKOL over-see the unpacking as efficiently as they pack, a face from the company the employee works for would surely be welcomed.

  3. A Company can organize quick orientation for the Employee and his family about their new surroundings. This can make a world of difference to newly moved family since; everything around is new for them.

  4. A group dinner with families is a great way to welcome an employee and the family. Not only is this a wonderful gesture extended to the relocated family it also induces a feeling of familiarity in the unfamiliar surroundings. It also is a platform for them to get to know each other.

  5. Assistance in various other forms could be given to a relocated Employee and his family depending on the level at which he/she is joining. Like help in identifying Schools in the vicinity, putting them in touch with realtors for housing.

As the saying goes a good and happy employee is an asset to a Company. It creates lasting relationships if a little thought goes in making an employee and their families comfortable during their relocation period.