5 Best home stuff that can be used as packing material for shifting your home in Electronic City

Considering moving your home in Electronic City, Bengaluru? With a reliable, efficient packer and mover in Electronic City such as Pikkol, you don’t really need to worry about the packing part. However, if you are still thinking about packing a few of your valuables before the packer and movers get in and being their job.

The best thing about packing the fragile, precious things on your own is that you don’t need to go far looking for packing material. Your home is filled with things you could use for packing. You just need to get creative and dig the best available packing material out.

Just to make your task a tad bit easy here is a list of a few packing materials available right within your home that you can use to pack without spending a dime:-

Newspapers & Magazines for packing fragile items:-

Before you go in on a cleaning spree and get rid of your old newspapers and magazines hold them on for some time. Newspapers and magazines are the best packing material available at home to pack your fragile glassware, china, and crystal ware.

Here’s what you need to do, take a paper 4 times the size of the item you need to pack. Wrap the material around the fragile item give it a good amount of cushioning with the paper. Tuck the excess paper in the hollows to fill up the empty space. Add in more crushed paper into the hollow spaces if required and you are done. What more you can catch up with some interesting snippets of news on the paper while packing that you probably missed out earlier.

Linen Clothes:-

You probably didn’t realise that your bed sheets, towels pillows covers double up as great packing material when needed. The soft material can be used effectively to wrap paintings, photo frames and other fragile items. Always remember one thing pack the hollows if any well, they prevent items from getting damaged.

Paper Waste:-

Whilst you’ve been busy cleaning up your home, sorting out junk etc. before moving out a lot of waste paper that you didn’t know existed show up. While you may wonder how on earth you accumulated so much trash, you may be missing a point out there. Waste paper is equally handy in packing fragile items. They can be used for filling up hollow spaces and wrap the teeny weeny bits of fragile items.

Plastic Bags:-

Banned they might be and with the world moving towards using environment-friendly bags, we however still can’t get over hoarding Plastic Bags. Undeniably plastic bags do serve as fantastic packing materials especially if you are a plant lover and have cute little ceramic planters. The plastic bags keep your pots and the soil within intact and prevents soiling of other items. A plastic bag can also be used to pack fragile souvenirs and other glasswares.

Old Clothes:-

For larger pieces of your precious fragile items, old clothes are the best packing material to rely on. The soft fabric of old clothes acts as a perfect material to protect your fragile items against any breakages. Always remember to wrap the item well, giving them enough cushioning and not to forget to fill up the hollows if any.

Having said that pack if you really must and want to add your personal touch there.Go on and enjoy your time planning the finer things in that comes with the idea of moving because, packers and movers these days are far more efficient with their packing system, materials used and reliable than their predecessors a decade ago.

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