August 13th, 2015

Dil Chahta Hai – a landmark film in the history of Bollywood and Indian cinema. The fact that it is still remembered and celebrated 14 years after its first release, says it all! This movie changed the course of Bollywood cinema. The youth group was introduced to a Unknown Objectfriendship that lasts forever. The Anjuna fort at Goa is now a hot spot for every group’s profile picture as a reassurance of their friendship.

Farhan Akhtar proved to be an outstanding debut in his directorial venture and successfully immortalized the concept of friendship and relationships through this movie. The tracks in the movie are simple outstanding. Composed by veteran directors and sung by the best in the industry, they don’t fail to move you and are still hummed by people, age no bar.

Whether it was Aamir’s cute goatee, popularizing road trips, Goa as a great holiday destination, Saif’s funny dialogues, Akshaye’s cute moments or Preity’s designer outfits, the movie definitely was and continues to be a trendsetter in every way! Little did we know that a then less known director would come up with a screenplay about three buddies combining their thoughts, aspirations, fights, emotions and the final reunion to evolve in to an instant connection that resonates in every one of us till date!

Talking about good times and transition over the years, relocation sector in India is readying for a super growth. Multiple relocation companies have been leveraging on the know-how of technology to ensure people get to avail improved range of credible development when they avail the service. The use of mobile applications, GPS tracking system, tracking tools, and software etc., are revolutionizing the way the Indian relocation industry works. Now you can avail improved solutions since technology guides you.

The concept of traditional relocation has drastically changed. Gone are the days when you needed to visit offline stores and ask for suggestions from friends about which relocation companies are good or bad. Now, with the help of online sources you can contact relocation companies and compare the reviews to actually take an idea about which company to choose.

Pikkol has not left any stone unturned in this aspect. We are growing at a remarkable speed because of a range of aligned factors some of which necessarily include a growing floating population in India, a rise in the nuclear family, effortless relocation needs, and the requirement to move in new places without any hassles. That being the case, it is definitely welcoming news that Pikkol is aggressively working towards coping with new age technologies to communicate with rising target customers and bring about an abundant scope for development and sustained growth.

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