10 Things to look while choosing a Mover & Packer

10 Things to look while choosing a Mover & Packer

June 19th, 2017

Packing and moving the goods from your house/office to the new destination is a cumbersome task. However, a professional help can curtail the efforts that you would have to make in order to move the goods by own. It is, however, important to choose the right Packers and Movers. Below is an list of 10 Things to look while choosing a Mover & Packer.

Ask for Suggestions, Recommendations - In developing countries like India, Packing & Moving sector is yet to be regularized. Thus, always ask for a suggestion from someone you trust. Ask if the brand has registered office or not and if they have experienced employees that will be handling all your delicate stuff expertly.

Say No to Random selection of packer and movers- Simply hiring packer & mover randomly without any sound knowledge of their services is a strict no. You should always search for brand’s reputation, expertise, its customer satisfaction, and reviews which will help you choose the right brand.

Experience Matters, Always. - New and local packers and movers can quote a considerably low price for packing and moving, however, the experience will vary according to the packer you choose. It is ideal to do a little history check on the company you intend to hire. There are plenty of Packers and Movers with experience and trained staff that are well-equipped with all the resources and manpower required.

Cheap ain’t lucrative anymore - A number of factors can cause trouble while packing and moving if you go for a cheap alternative. Usually, it takes double the time to pack and move all the stuff because of less manpower that these companies allocate. Also, quoting low is a common trick used to lock the customer in and many a time, you will be asked to pay way more than the initially agreed quotes citing various reasons.

Hidden Cost dilemma - Look for hidden costs which could be anything from paying for loading and offloading to paying for packing or more. Scrutinize the bill and ask for a gross bill to check on any hidden cost. Quoting a lower price and then reckoning hidden costs is a trick played by most brands and companies to lure more customers. Make sure that the quote presented to you includes all charges ( taxes may be extra).

Pick a brand with effective customer grievance cell - Pick a Packer & Mover who has an established customer grievance cell with a clear record of complaint resolution. You can look up the review websites to know more about the brand.

Distance doesn’t matter - Your selected Packer & Mover must thrive to provide top-class packing and moving services irrespective of the distance of relocation. Packing the stuff properly with high-quality material prevent damage to the stuff and prevents any monetary losses resulting from transportation or handling.

On-time Every-time - Experience plays a vital role when it comes to the delivery of all your goods at the destination. A less experienced company consumes more time to move your stuff while an experienced company exactly knows what the requirements are and they abide the delivery deadline.

Get Insurance or Damage cover for your goods - Considering the road conditions in India, it is always advisable to opt for a damage cover for your belongings.

Finalize your inventory- Many a time, people underestimate the quantity of their belongings. Make a detailed inventory of items you are planning to move and share it with the packer. this will ensure that you get a more accurate quote. declaring items at last will give the packer a chance to hike up the cost.

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