10 things you must know before hiring a Packer and Mover

Choosing the right packers and movers is now very difficult as there are thousands of shifting services available in every city of India today. So here are 10 significant things one needs to know in order to ensure a smooth and safe shifting experience:

1. Professional

Even from the first interaction, the packer/mover should be professional. They should have a good process in place with Standard Operating Procedures. They should have a very public platform (website with phone number and email). Also, a good technology based online inventory collection system is a must have for a professional move company in this tech-first era.

2. Trained teams

The shifting service teams should be properly trained on etiquettes and packing and should not be shoddy and/or intoxicated. They must be present with all proper equipment required for the job on the day of relocation.

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Watch out for these 10 hidden residential relocation costs

We all dread the nightmare of home shifting that includes the exhausting task of sorting the stuff, packing, choosing a packer and mover, shipping out and re-settling to a new space. Think of the time and cost the whole moving process involve the estimation of budget and time, etc. So, let me stop you right there, and caution of the ten hidden costs in your next house relocation that no one tells you about.

  1. Onsite estimates

Every professional packer & mover will ensure that the quote is shared only when they estimate accurately the amount of stuff which needs to be relocated. Usually a survey is done but with the technology age, many good service providers will have websites to take inventory and give a free onsite estimate. Cost additions may occur due to unusual circumstances, mileage fees, distance from door, elevator fees, storage, and difference in prices for moving specialized furniture and fragile items in boxes. The cost add-up will also be there if you need extra help for packing. You should be clear with all these estimates beforehand, to avoid any surprises on the hectic moving day.

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Five mistakes people make while moving- How to avoid them

Planning to move you home? Well, in that case, this article will tell you exactly what you need to know before you even start off with planning and organizing your stuff or choosing a trusted and reliable packer and mover. Most people make these five common mistakes while moving- be it house, office or even vehicles:

Mistake 1: People think they have more time with them than they actually do.

Moving is essentially a once in a while exercise and consumes a lot of time whenever it is undertaken. More often than not, people tend to wrongly assess as to how much time would it take to get things organized. Barring the cases when moving is done without any control over timing or in a personal emergency, organizing and timing the move is a must to avoid any last-minute fright.

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House-shifting horrors: How to avoid in 7 steps


You are panicking…..

Having finalized everything required for your relocation to new home, only the packer and mover bit is left to be solved… And you are confused and paranoid from the stories your friends told you. You just want your favourite coffee-table (gift from Mom) to get shifted without damage and the clothes to reach the new place (unlike the last time when the packer lost all your clothes). You also get reminded of the time when the huge goon-like workers demanding money at midnight (when they leisurely finished their work) and threatening…

Everyone want to know the answer to this one question. How can I find and engage reliable and trusted packers and movers to shift my home within the city or across different cities in India?

Fret not, for we are providing you with the cheat sheet to find the best packers and movers in India.Follow these simple steps and get the homework done before finalizing a packer and mover for your house-shifting, office shifting or vehicle shifting. So put on your seat belts, your quest for shortlisting the top five packers in

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Now pack & move in style with Pikkol and Zoomcar!

Move in your new home in Mercedes – Benz!

Planning to move? Catching up with friends? Want to explore food joints? Wanna move around the city? Stop! Zoomcar and Pikkol would love to welcome you to the city and spoil you with many choice of cars to drive.

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How to train your father?


Anuj’s Dad who stays in Mumbai calls Anuj who is studying in Bangalore.Unknown Object

Scene 1

Dad: Son! Please help me installing WhatsApp on my phone. Even Sharma Uncle have WhatsApp installed in his phone.

Son: Pa! How am I goin’ to instruct on call?

Dad: I’ve called you from your Ma’s phone. I’ll follow what you say!

Son: Ok! Open Google Play store.

Dad: It says ‘No internet connection’. Should I switch on the Bluetooth?

Son: (Harshly) Common! How would Bluetooth help? Check if your WiFi is on!

Dad: I think it is on! I have switched off the phone and lemme restart it. It will take 2 minutes.

Son: Pa!!! Did I ask you to restart the phone??

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What we think navratri is :P


Check out the fun facts of NavratriUnknown Object

1.    Even the girls in the neighbourhood you never noticed would look so attractive.


2.    9 days – 9 dresses. Hole in the pocket of your dad!


3.    The eye-to-eye game ” finding the love of your life”.


4.      Relief! Private time with my wife.


5.      Finally the search of your true love come to an end!


6.      No Non-veg


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